Reception Testing

Reception Testing of your Digital Signal

promax hd rangerWhat if I have a problem with my digital TV reception?

Reception testing utilising the latest signal analysers means that AETV Systems can analyse signal strength, modulation error ratio(MER), Channel Bit Error Rate(CBER) and Viterbi Bit Error Rate(VBER) quality checks. With digital television it can be difficult to differentiate between reception problems related to your installed television antenna, and those related to interference from nearby sources.

A large proportion of reception problems are caused by inadequate or faulty reception equipment such as antennas, antenna position, decaying mast head amplifiers(boosters) or cabling. Most problems can be resolved with the help of your experienced local AETV Systems antenna installer.

In some cases, reception may be also affected by ‘impulse noise’ interference. Impulse noise can be generated by the use of light switches, hair dryers, car engines, a number of other domestic appliances, in some cases high voltage power lines and recently by the introduction of some LED products.

AETV Systems As endorsed antenna installer can provide an onsite survey of your antenna system using the latest approved test equipment. Reception testing Made easy our equipment can scan your antennas signal strength, MER, BER and much more.

So why hesitate call AETV Systems today and have your reception tested.