Extra Outlets

Outlets installed where you need them.

aetv extra outletsNeed a new outlet in your house be it the bedroom, lounge or out on patio?

Outlets – AETV Systems can help you add new outlets them to your existing system, relocate them or create a whole new system. We access your current cabling system advise you on your options prior to commencing any work.

New Tv Outlets:

Installed where possible using approved RG6 Free to air cable from directly from your antenna or splitter to your new outlet. Once installed your tv points will be re-accessed making sure your systems is operating correctly. Quoted prices will be based on type of install, location and difficulty of install.

Data / Phone Outlets

Installed where possible with either Cat 5e or 6 cable from point to point, home hub to outlet, or patch panel to outlet or multiple outlets. Once installed points will be test using a hand held LAN tester quickly tests continuity for all types of cables in various combinations. . Quoted prices will be based on type of install, location and difficulty of install.

Structured Wiring

Why waste time running cables yourself call us now and will make sure  its done right. There are many steps to the process of wiring a home. It is crucial that the first step towards integrating your home is a properly designed structured wiring system. We understand the importance of designing home systems for the lifestyles of today and preparing them for the lifestyles of tomorrow.

A structured wiring system is more than just a random set of cables run throughout the house, but rather is a systematically designed package which is installed by very stringent guidelines.

When we install your new TV antenna, home theatre or surround sound system, we make sure wires are concealed out of sight and mind. Whist onsite your current wiring will be accessed and we will advise you of any shortcomings options available to ensure best possible performance outcomes.