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    Do you provide quotes

    Yes usually after an onsite survey has been completed.

    Will my existing antenna need replacing for digital TV?

    Most digital TV channels have been allocated in the same range of channels as the analogue, which means that many older antennas can receive digital TV. However, our experience has shown that older antenna systems may not have been cut for the required channels and lack shielding or performance necessary for digital TV. If you experience pixelation on your digital TV, we recommend replacing your antenna and cable system.

    Why are there so many different types of antennas?

    The government allocates VHF and UHF channels at various locations in order to avoid interference between transmitters. Also, the polarisation can be either horizontal or vertical. Your antenna needs to receive the correct range of channels on the correct antenna type and polarisation for your local transmitter.

    Where should I install my antenna?

    The best location is as high as possible and in a location that has as clear line of sight towards your transmitter as possible.

    Do I need a masthead amplifier(Booster)?

    Masthead amplifiers are a very important part of the tv antenna system when signal levels are very weak because they can amplify  signal levels significantly. Whilst very popular with some installers, we only recommend masthead amplifiers in those situations where the received signal is perfect for amplification to overcome multi-outlet antenna system losses. (Amplification should only be used where required. Over driven signal may result in customer equipment failures and induce unwanted noise into antenna system). Amplifiers will add noise to your systems so should be used where necessary.  Also, if the amplifier is overloaded, it will certainly reduce the quality of your signal (MER), which increases the risk of pixelation. Please visit ACMA for more information on amplification and its issues.

    The picture occasionally freezes or pixelates forms blocky images on screen why? What can I do about it?

    Pixelation might also be caused if the signal is being distorted - commonly low initial signal, poor quality levels, over amplification, terrain, positioning of antenna, height, direction and power induction. Electrical noise can enter your receive system if it is not shielded properly.

    How many points can I have in my house?

    Provided you have enough signal strength, there's really no practical limit.

    What other work does Ae TV Systems provide?

    Data cabling, Home theatre installs, TV wall mounting, extra points including telephone points and data points. Please refer to product and services tab above.

    Is Ae TV Systems insured?

    Yes we are covered by public liability cover.